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Coconut Oil

Net Weight: 1Ltr Wide Mouth Jar &500ml Wide Mouth Jar

  • 1000ml
  • 500gms
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Coconut Oil

Wide Mouth Jars are of green color and opaque. They come with a wide mouth to enable easy dispensing of coconut oil by spoon when oil is solidified at cold temperature.

Available SKUs – 1 Litre and 500 ml

Shelf Life – 12 months

  • High quality milling copra with FFA < 0.5% is used as raw material.
  • Copra is dried to remove all moisture before crushing. Presence of moisture causes rancidity in oil
  • Copra when roasted removes any remaining moisture, heating sterilises the copra
  • Coconut Oil is packed air tight using good quality packing material to retain oil’s quality

Cocoguru is available in wide variety of packing to enable the versatile oil to be used conveniently for any use. Best quality packing material is used to provide the necessary protection and ease of carrying. Secondary packing that is good enough to carry the goods across the full length of trade channels is used.

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1000ml, 500gms


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