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Coconut oil

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Coconut Oil

Cocoguru makes products with minimal processing in a form that will be convenient to keep and use by the consumers, so that they derive maximum benefits that are naturally available in Coconuts.
Farmers – Farmers can get maximum returns on their investment and efforts taken to grow a coconut tree, when all their produce is valued and properly remunerated.
Society – Society gains through healthy living of its people, economic development and by maintaining ecological balance. We deliver healthy products, generate local employment and follow environment friendly practices to create a win-win situation for everyone.

To fulfil our vision we develop expertise in coconuts, follow best practices and invest in building a sustainable business out of marketing products based on coconuts.

Name CocoguruTM is a short form of Coconut Guru reflects our vision to master coconut products‚ value chain.

All kinds of people stand to benefit from Coconuts.
Consumers – Coconuts have immense nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Coconut Oil Filtering
Oil extracted through expeller will has about 8% sediments/foots. They are separated from oil through a 3 stage filtering process i.e. Coarse, Main and Fine filtering.

  1. Vibrating Screen – Heavy sediments are separated by simple vibration of a mesh aided by a vibrating motor. This is the simplest and cheapest method of filtration. This relieves the further filtering stages of a lot of sediments and hence improves efficiencies there.
  2. Pressure Leaf Filter – Pressure leaf filter is a vessel that uses vertically mounted Stainless steel mesh for filtering under pressure. Oil is pumped into the vessel at a pressure and this pressure causes the oil to pass through fine pored mesh for filtering. Oil cake is later separated out using compressed air and vibrating. This process does bulk of the filtering. Alternatively Filter Press is also used. Hot oil is used for fast filtering.
  3. Filter Press – Filter press consists of plates and filter cloths. Oil is passed a pressure using a screw pump. Oil passes through the finely pored filter cloths. Sediments and moisture remains in the filter cloth in between the plates. Oil cake and sediments are separated by removing the plates. Cold oil is used for fine filtering.

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