Dale Instant China Grass Pudding Mix

Dale – China Grass Instant Pudding Mix


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Dale Instant China Grass Pudding Mix

Ingredients :

Sugar Dextrose, Agar Agar(FG), Permitted food Colours and Flavours


Product Description

Dale Instant China Grass Pudding Mix – Mango Flavour is one of the most take pleasures in desserts of the elderly and young. This milk-based dessert has a high nutrient satisfied and can be made in a variety of shapes which is an enjoyment to the children. It can also be used as fillings for cakes, sandwiched between trifle and mousses combinations.

Take half liter of milk. Add the contents of the packet. Stir well till dissolved and boil it for a minute. Pour into pan or flat thali.

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Weight 80 g


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