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Dale – Corn Flour


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Dale – Corn Flour

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The chief ingredient of Dale – Corn Flour is edible corn starch.


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Dale – Corn Flour

Dale – Corn Flour-Dale – Corn Flour  is so finely milled that it produces a smoother texture than ordinary flour and is perfect for mixing with any gravy dish. In the world of culinary delights, corn flour is used as a binding agent for puddings and similar recipes. It is commonly used as a thickener for soups, stews, sauces and other dishes.
Since  this pure white corn starch which is milled from fine maize grain; the outer hull, germ and gluten are removed from this flour. Other than acting as a thickening agent for soups and sauces, this can also be used to make corn syrups. It acts as a fine binding agent for puddings; and is used for breading in Italian cuisine.

So corn clour contains many uses.Some uses are like:

Uses of Corn flour:
  • Deck of Cards

My grandmother taught us that when you open a new pack of cards to always shuffle a bit of cornflour or powder through them to stop them sticking. It is also handy to deal with any stickiness that has accumulated on the cards after the kiddies have handled them.

  • Chaffing

Using Cornflour to dust around sweaty areas like your upper legs can help stop chaffing during hot and sweaty weather. Also dusting it lightly on your legs prior to wearing leather pants can help with easy removal of them later on. Not suitable to use on baby’s bottoms.

  • Reduction in Wooden Floor squeaks

Just sprinkle out some cornflour over the squeaky area and allow the flour to go into the crack. This should leave you with a reduction in squeaks.

  • Cleaning your Pet’s Fur

This basically works as a pet dry shampoo. Dust the pet with the cornflour, brush and comb it through and you will find it will remove all the dirt out of the pet’s hair.
Author : Anusha S

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