Dale - Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour)

Dale – Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour)


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Dale -Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour)

Net Weight : 80gms


Ingredients :

Jelly Mix, Sugar, Acid INS 297 Acidity Regulator INS 332, Nature Identical and Artificial Flavouring Substances-Mango Flavour and Colours – INS 102, INS 110.


Product Description

Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour)

Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour)-Dale – Jelly Crystal(Mango Flavour) is 100% Vegetarian Mango Flavour Jelly Mix. The mix can be used to make jelly. Since it is prepared from the fine quality of ingredients. It gives real taste of mango. Every kids like this jelly. The mix can be used to make jelly. It is prepared from the fine quality of ingredients. It gives real taste of mango. Hence every kids like this jelly.

Since the company has a full-scale set up with three manufacturing facilities based in Coimbatore. We use world class machineries to speed up the manufacturing process to meet the day to day market demand at the same time ensuring the highest quality.The company tries to take care of quality control right from raw material sourcing.

Besides the unique flavor and freshness that it offers, fruit jelly contains elements valuable to the human organism.

To ensure uncompromising adherence to Total Quality Management parameters, so we constantly strive to maintain current technological standards so that all our customers are provided with superior quality products as per their specifications and requirements.

Since it has no preservative added and they really add flavors & fragrance to the jelly. Since this is one  of the most essential jelly crystal for the kids.  Hence the jelly crystal flavours varies from state to state and region to region. So which is what makes the taste different. We will Store in an air tight layerd container. So the blend can stays good for years, depending upon how much we use. Because it can be packed in multiple layers of plastic bags, tightly sealed .

How To Use:

Empty the contents into a bowl. Add 11/2 cups (350ml) of boiling water. Stir to dissolve.

  • Excellent Taste
  • Freshness
  • Purity
  • rich aroma
  • Quality

Author : Anusha S

Feedback & suggestions : anusha@myputtur.in


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Weight 80 g


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