Rice Roti(Kori Roti) - Special

Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special


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Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special

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Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special

Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special- Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special  Kori Rotti is a popular spicy dish of Mangalorean cuisine, a combination of red-chili based Chicken Curry and crisp dry wafers (about 1mm thick) made from boiled rice. ‘Kori’ in Tulu language means Chicken and ‘Rotti’ is not the traditional Indian bread but a crispy dry and thin wafers. This is somewhat similar to the Arabic dish tashreeb, the crispy hubz (similar to pita bread) seasoned in bland thin chicken or mutton gravy.

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Conlusion about Rice Roti(Kori Roti) – Special

Kori Rotti is a Mangalorean speciality. Kori means chicken, and rottis, in this case, are not the traditional chapattis or rotis. They are a special kind of bread, which are made of rice paste and then dried, so quite hard and crispy and are made into sheets that are then broken into pieces. These rottis, when soaked by the chicken curry, absorb it and turn quite soft.  A real taste and texture sensation!

Kori rotti is a traditional dish of the Tuluvas (Tulu-speaking people) of Bunt community. It is served at weddings, parties and special occasions. Almost all restaurants in the area of Udupi and Mangalore serve this food.

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